REIMAGINE Pharma 2024: Pioneering AI and Omnichannel Approaches in Pharma Marketing

In the picturesque setting of Long Branch, New Jersey, the ReImagine Pharma Conference unfolded on May 21-22, 2024. Over these two days, industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders in pharmaceutical marketing gathered to explore groundbreaking solutions, share best practices, and address pressing challenges. Attendees were immersed in a series of thought-provoking discussions and sessions designed to reimagine and innovate multiple facets of pharma marketing.

Chairpersons Bob Allen and Zoe Dunn did a masterful job throughout this lively event, keeping things on track, and on point! While we can’t include everyone, here are just some of the highlights from this engaging and informative conference.

Day 1 Highlights
The first day kicked off with a keynote by Emily Haas, Lead Client Partner at Pinterest, who delved into Pinterest’s unique position at the intersection of social, search, and commerce. She highlighted how Pinterest can inspire ideas and drive users from discovery to decision and action, offering pharma marketers new avenues to reach and engage their audience.

A dynamic panel discussion followed, focusing on the evolving role of pharma marketers. Panelists discussed the importance of showcasing value across stakeholders and identifying the must-have skills for thriving in a rapidly changing landscape. They emphasized the need for marketers to position themselves for success by continually adapting and learning.

Dawn Lacallade, Chief Strategy Officer at LiveWorld, shared insights on navigating regulatory requirements, streamlining MLR approval, and developing creative and compliant social media programs. Her session provided practical strategies for balancing creativity with compliance, ensuring that digital marketing programs align with regulatory standards while driving innovation.

Neal Wolff, Chief Business Officer at Eclipse Life Sciences, shared insights on understanding the patient journey to identify unmet needs and build effective brand strategies. He introduced innovative methodologies combining physician and patient interviews with social listening to uncover treatment gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Not surprisingly, AI was a notable theme throughout the conference. Jonathan Knight from GSK and Eric Trepanier from ODAIA explored the revolutionary potential of AI-driven data interpretation in pharmaceutical marketing. They discussed how AI can predict customer behavior, personalize interactions, and shape future customer engagement strategies. Their insights emphasized the importance of adopting AI to enhance marketing strategies and deliver fast time-to-value in pharma organizations.

Alec Melkonian of Klick captivated the audience with his talk on AI’s transformative impact on the pharma industry. He argued that AI is not just a passing trend but a tectonic shift in how the industry operates, urging attendees to embrace AI’s potential to revolutionize pharmaceutical marketing.

Jim DeLash, Omni-Channel Marketing Director Vaccines US at GSK, tackled the challenge of reaching potential customers, especially smaller ones, with a limited sales force. DeLash explained that regardless of a brand’s sales force size, it is impossible to reach all potential customers. He presented a case study on how one brand successfully expanded its incremental sales opportunities from these long-tail customers by implementing innovative strategies.

Day 2 Highlights
The second day began with Amy West, Head of US Digital Transformation & Innovation at Novo Nordisk, who emphasized designing for the human experience first and applying technology to enable that vision. She presented a case study from the Disney Institute, illustrating how exceptional customer experiences can be applied to the pharma model.

Next, an interactive session led by Doug Nelson from Oxford focused on developing lasting change within organizations. He discussed strategies for challenging old ways of working, understanding new operational requirements, and implementing low-risk opportunities to integrate omnichannel practices seamlessly.

Anton Yarovoy from Johnson & Johnson took the audience on a captivating Star Wars-themed journey through hyper-targeting in precision medicine oncology. He discussed the rapidly changing landscape of targeted therapies and the importance of engaging the right patients and stakeholders at the right time.

Amanda Brantner, Product Manager at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, explored how to choose a celebrity partner for your brand, regardless of size – and then execute a multi-channel, surround sound campaign. This approach can help make an impact that goes beyond the typical campaign!

Donna Finale, US Sustainability Lead at UCB, wrapped things up with a presentation on the impact of health disparities on care for people of lower socio-economic means. She shared best practices and solutions to address these inequities, benefiting patients, payers, healthcare providers, and manufacturers alike.

Closing Thoughts
With a highly informative and intimate event format, the ReImagine Pharma Conference 2024 provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge, innovative strategies, and practical tools to advance their marketing efforts in a rapidly evolving industry. From AI-driven data insights to the importance of human-centered design and precision targeting, the conference underscored the critical role of innovation in shaping the future of pharmaceutical marketing.

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