Patient Journey Set To Take Center Stage in Philadelphia

This week in Philadelphia, industry leaders will be heading to the Reuters Pharma and Patient Conference. This patient focused event will be looking at key challenges such as building sustainable, long-term trust with patient communities, and going beyond diagnosis in order to streamline the patient journey. The agenda is packed with patient focused sessions, and here are some key themes to watch for:

  1. Patient Empowerment in Healthcare: Discussions will revolve around enabling patients to take charge of their health, thereby enhancing disease resilience and treatment outcomes. This involves fostering patient-centric care through collaborations and prioritizing patient needs to boost trust and experiences.
  2. Patient-Driven Regulatory Landscape: The event will explore strategies to collaborate with regulators and payers, emphasizing a patient-first approach. This includes tackling challenges related to data privacy and informed consent and expediting drug accessibility.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion in Patient Care: The importance of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) in improving patient care and outcomes will be highlighted. Insights into targeted strategies for diverse patient populations, particularly in areas like precision cancer therapy, will be shared.
  4. Commercial Success Through Patient-Centric Metrics: There will be a focus on measuring patient-centric outcomes and reshaping commercial strategies in the patient-driven era. The use of patient-focused technology to articulate therapy value will also be discussed.
  5. Building Relationships Beyond Diagnoses: The conference emphasizes the need for human engagement, urging the creation of products and services based on patient insights and experiences. It will also discuss frameworks for decision-making that prioritize patient needs.
  6. Integrating Social Determinants of Health (SDoH): The event will also delve into the significance of SDoH in patient-centric strategies, exploring how to overcome shortcomings in patient-focused programs and integrate SDoH data effectively.
  7. Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act: Discussions will focus on how IRA negotiations might affect drug launches and access, particularly for rare/orphan indications, and the role of HEOR experts in balancing access and affordability.

Additional sessions will address themes like transforming cancer care through strategic partnerships, fostering a patient-focused culture, the role of behavioral automation in patient experience, and the impact of centralized or decentralized approaches in patient engagement. The use of biometrics for understanding patient journeys, optimizing Long Term Patient Advisory Boards, harnessing digital and data research for patient engagement, and advancing health equity will also be key points of discussion.

As you can see – there will be no shortage of great discussions and valuable insights!
PharamLeaders looks forward to seeing you there!

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