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Amgen Revolutionizes Drug Discovery with NVIDIA’s AI Technology and Human Genome Insights

Amgen, a global leader in biotechnology, is pioneering the use of Generative AI in drug discovery, leveraging one of the world’s most comprehensive human datasets. This initiative marks a significant leap in the pharmaceutical industry, where technology and biotechnology converge to redefine medicine and therapeutic approaches.

The core of Amgen’s strategy involves deploying an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, a cutting-edge data center platform, at its deCODE genetics headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. Named ‘Freyja’, after the Norse goddess symbolizing life and foresight, this system will be instrumental in constructing a human diversity atlas. This atlas aims to identify novel drug targets and disease-specific biomarkers, which are crucial for monitoring disease progression and offering personalized treatments.

Amgen’s integration of the DGX SuperPOD, equipped with 31 NVIDIA DGX H100 nodes and 248 H100 Tensor Core GPUs, signifies a monumental shift in research capabilities. The technology enables researchers to train sophisticated AI models within days, significantly reducing the time traditionally required for such processes. This acceleration allows for more effective data analysis, fostering innovative insights in health and therapeutics.

David M. Reese, Amgen’s Executive Vice President and CTO, emphasized the strategic alignment of Amgen’s robust human data capabilities with NVIDIA’s technological advancements. The collaboration is poised to catalyze transformative developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, the use of Generative AI extends beyond data analysis. As part of its vision, Amgen is also leveraging NVIDIA BioNeMo, a platform utilized for building AI models that expedite drug discovery and development. These models not only enhance drug efficacy but also minimize adverse effects, such as immune responses, and facilitate the production of new biologics at scale.

This technological integration aligns with the founding vision of deCODE, established in 1996, to understand human diseases through genetic diversity. The company has amassed over 200 petabytes of de-identified human data from nearly 3 million individuals, offering unique insights into the human genome’s variability and its implications for disease.

In summary, Amgen’s embrace of advanced AI and its partnership with NVIDIA are set to revolutionize the pharmaceutical sector. This approach exemplifies a new era in medicine, where the fusion of technology, biology, and vast human data is not just reshaping drug discovery but is also redefining the entire medical landscape.

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