Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Intent Data in Healthcare

Five Powerful Impacts of Real-Time Intent Data

In today’s digital ecosystem, intent data is becoming indispensable for healthcare marketing. By capturing real-time signals of customer interests and needs, brands can engage audiences when it matters most. Here are 5 powerful impacts of leveraging intent data:

  1. Fueling Personalized Programmatic Advertising

Intent data allows precision targeting of programmatic ads to audiences demonstrating relevant interests in that moment. For example, a rheumatoid arthritis patient searching treatment options sees an aligned ad immediately. This contextually relevant messaging converts significantly better than untargeted ads.

  1. Enhancing Clinical Trial Recruitment

Finding qualified trial participants is hugely accelerated by identifying people expressing intent around relevant diseases or treatments online. Their active research signals openness to learn about clinical trials. Outreach can quickly move them through screening and enrollment while interest is peaked.

  1. Activating Omnichannel Journeys

Intent triggers like social media posts or forum questions can initiate tailored omnichannel journeys. For instance, a physicians’ clinical content download initiates a sequence of rep outreach, email nurturing, and virtual event invitations. Intent feeds relevant cross-channel experiences.

  1. Optimizing Campaign Pull-Through

When digital campaigns generate early engagement like email opens or form fills, intent data identifies tailwinds to accelerate conversions. Third-party intent signals like reading specific content helps segments high-propensity leads for additional touches to drive pull-through.

  1. Reaching Patients at Moments of Need

For patient services and adherence campaigns, intent clues provide the ability to assist exactly when need emerges. A missed refill signals risk of abandonment. Searching side effects indicates rising concerns. Intent allows delivering value in real-time during moments of truth.

In summary, intent data bridges the gap between customer signals and marketing activation. By linking expressions of interest to immediate engagement, healthcare brands serve audiences when it matters most. When layered into technology stacks, intent data fuels omnichannel personalization at scale to deepen connections throughout the customer lifecycle.

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