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Virtual Clinical Trials Conference 2019

12/02/2019 - 12/03/2019

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Virtual Clinical Trial Conference, taking place December 2–3 in Philadelphia, is diving into the many ways decentralized trials are implemented into an organization’s process-flow through developing a strong protocol, reducing expected costs, and increasing patient participation.

Over the course of two days, attendees will learn:

  • Identify challenges in the adoption of a virtual trial model
  • Determine when a virtual trial model is the best fit over a hybrid or traditional models
  • Establish internal protocol and processes to execute your siteless trial
  • Implement new technology into the clinical trial process flow
  • Understand regulatory challenges to ensure compliant trial

Featured speakers include:

  • Jan Nissen, Vice President, Patient Innovation and Engagement, MERCK
  • Hassan Kadhim, Director, Head of Clinical Trial Business Capabilities, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
  • Candace Saldarini, M.D.,Director, Applied Innovation and Process Improvement, OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICAL DEVELOPMENT AND COMMERCIALIZATION, INC.
  • Michael Sparozic, Operation Manager and Leader, Trial Supplies, SANOFI
  • Brittany Goldberg, M.D., Medical Officer, S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA)
  • Peter Schaeffer, PR Analytics Director, R&D Third-Party Resourcing, GSK



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